Words Just Barely Prevailed as Representative Estevez and Nashua Mayor Lozeau Meet

April 10, 2015

by Len Lathrop

On Wednesday, April 1, a lunch that Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau was providing for the Nashua delegation to the NH House of Representatives, took a strange April Fool’s Day-like twist.

Representative Eric Estevez (Hillsborough 37) and Representative John Manning (Rockingham 8) had decided to invite themselves to the lunch that was being held at the historic Upham-Walker House across the street from the State House in Concord.  The representatives were greeted at the door by Mayor Lozeau, who according to Representative Bill Ohm (Hillsborough 36), after introducing herself, explained that this lunch was meant for the Nashua delegation, but offered the duo a sandwich.  In a phone interview with Representative Estevez, Estevez stated that he and Representative Manning left.

Others at the lunch reported that Estevez, as he passed Lozeau, uttered the “B” word.  Ohm reports that Lozeau mentioned to him the name-calling.  As Estevez, with sandwich in hand, returned to engage the mayor, the conversation became more heated, to the point where Ohm felt he had to step in.  Not wanting the tense exchange to become physical, he saw a pocket door and decided to close it between himself and the mayor and Estevez.

Ohm reports that at that point he heard a crash, and later found out that it was Estevez’s plate and sandwich that he had slammed down.  Ohm heard an obscenity coming from the other side of the door.  Ohm reported that Estevez and Manning left the event.

During his phone interview with the HLN, Estevez  stated that he did not recall any profanity and he claims that “she [Lozeau] was very rude” to him. He [Estevez] explained that he felt many of his constituents from Pelham and Hudson worked in Nashua and, being just across the river, shared some connection.

Mayor Lozeau is away from Nashua on vacation this week and according to an aide was unavailable for comment.

According to New Hampshire Speaker of the House Shawn Jasper, he has directed Estevez to give a written apology to both the mayor and Representative Ohm.

Estevez of Pelham is currently serving his first term as a state representative for Pelham and Hudson.  According to his biography on nh.gov, Estevez is a New Hampshire native and was class president at Pelham High School.  He is a graduate of Barry University in Miami, Fla., where he earned his bachelor’s degree in political science.  After graduating, he attended law school and studied for master’s and doctoral degrees at Northeastern University.  He then served on the faculty at Northeastern University, Endicott College, Lesley University, Bunker Hill Community College and Middlesex Community College.  After earning graduate degrees, Estevez founded a full-service legal and public policy consulting firm.