Woodbury Students Offer a Touching Tribute to Those who Bravely Served

November 21, 2014


by Doug Robinson
The author is unknown, but the words come across loud and clear:  “A soldier is someone who, at one point, wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including their own life.”
At the Woodbury School, NH Governor Maggie Hassan, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, scores of veterans, families, friends, educators, and students participated in the annual Veterans Day program that celebrates and honors all who served.
This year, the 18th Veterans Day event offered a complimentary breakfast.  Hosts of volunteers, not only prepared the donated meal, but also stood by, so that they were able to personally serve those who have so honorably served this country.
Speaker after speaker spoke of “honor,” “profound respect,” and referenced our veterans as “role models.”
“I am honored to join all of you for today’s annual program, an important Granite State tradition that represents our state’s history of service and our profound respect and gratitude for those who have served,” said Gov. Hassan.  “For more than 15 years, Woodbury School has held this special event to bring us together to thank the people who have sacrificed for our values and the enduring concept of freedom that is our core.  I would like to thank the entire Woodbury School community for organizing this touching tribute year after year.”
Hassan went on to say, “It isn’t always easy being brave, but hopefully you can look to the veterans here today, and see examples of true patriotism, and service worth emulating.
“Recognize too that you will honor those who served not only in ceremonies like today’s, but by the action you take day in and day out.  Honor them by taking advantage of the freedom they fought so courageously to preserve-the opportunity to engage and be fully included in your community.”
Woodbury sixth graders were encouraged to write “reflections” about Veterans Day 2014.
Woodbury sixth grade student, Jessica Salois, wrote, “A wise man once said, ‘All we have to fear is fear itself.”  We have nothing to fear because of you.  There is one thing we never say enough to veterans:  thank you.”
Sophia Stanganelli wrote, “Veterans head out to the war zone with their head held high in pride.  They stand in front of us forming a shield of hope and faith.  They show us the real meaning of courage.”
Daslyn Resendez wrote, “We gather to recognize you for your undeniable faith and belief in this country, and for never giving up.  We thank you for letting us be proud, independent and free people.”
Written in 2009 by Michael and Angela Souders, these words were beautifully sung by the Woodbury chorus.  The song, “Thank you Soldier” gives honor and respect to our veterans.
When I lay my head down every night
And go to sleep in peace,
I can stay there
Knowing all is well
While you’re standing on your feet.
Keeping watch, protecting shore to shore
In the air and oceans too.
Defending freedom at all cost
For the red, white and the blue.
Thank you, oh thank you
Men and women brave and strong,
To those who served so gallantly,
We sing this grateful song.
To the soldiers who have traveled on,
To countries far and near,
In peace and war you paid the price
For the cause you hold so dear.
That we may wake each morning bright
And know that freedom rings,
Because of your great sacrifice,
Your country joins to sing.
Thank you, Oh Thank you
Men and women brave and strong,
To those who served so gallantly
We sing this grateful song.
Thank you, Oh Thank you
Men and women brave and strong,
To those who served so gallantly
We sing this grateful song
Len has all the photos
Staff photos by Len Lathrop
Veterans Day Woodbury School
Salem JR ROTC cadets, Bevin Gatlin (left) and Adam Dembkoski prepare the “Table for One” during the Veterans Day ceremony at the Woodbury School.