Windham Terrace Residents Bake from the Heart to Honor Teachers

May 8, 2015


by Len Lathrop

Apple-shaped cookies meant so much to both the makers and the eaters, as the residents at Windham Terrace wanted to make Teacher Appreciation Week something special.

Teachers are often unsung heroes despite the vital work they do every day in the classroom.  Every state across the country is dealing with education budget cuts and expanding class sizes.  Despite the many obstacles stacked against teachers these days, hundreds of men and women in the Windham area walk into the classroom each day in hopes of inspiring our next generation.

Friday morning, May 1, found residents at Windham Terrace baking the treats to bring to Golden Brook and Windham High schools.  The goal was to have 100 cookies rolled, cut, baked and then decorated.  Several retired teachers who live at Windham Terrace Assisted Living know the joys and challenges that come with educating the next generation.

Working the dough on Friday was Lois McCarthy, who was a teacher and principal at two schools in Melrose, Mass.  Before retirement, Dru Calitri taught both chemistry and piano.  Both related some stories and memories of their days in the classroom, and they highlighted the importance of recognizing teachers for their unmatched dedication.  The nationally recognized week is a time to thank teachers for the sacrifices they make and the support they give students throughout the year