Windham Scouts Camp and Learn with Adventures

April 11, 2014

by Len Lathrop

Hosted by Troop 266, the event was open to everyone, with Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and other troops in attendance.  When the Pelham~Windham News visited on Saturday morning, Griffin Park was a bevy of activities.  The New Hampshire State Police Robotics Unit was motoring the basketball court.  While not shooting any hoops, the Scouts were shown how the robotic device could move and turn, pick up things; the trooper even explained that it got take x-rays.  While he was telling one Scout he could not show them how the robot took x-rays, he would save parents a medical deductible if anyone got hurt; the humor wasn’t apparent to the Scout.

During a demonstration about weather forecasting, a group of Girls Scouts was glued to laptops, looking at weather maps and charts.  Just then the rain was ending, and the computers proved that.  Windham Police Detective Chris Van Hirtum was explaining the fingerprint techniques to the scouts.  Several Scouts were learning about fishing equipment and the best types of poles and reels for different situations.

In the parking area, Windham Fire was on site with a ladder truck, and Chief Tom McPherson was showing the Scouts some of the special features of the apparatus.

A large cannon being wheeled down the walkway was attracting a lot of looks; the 1st NH Regiment in uniform was assembling for a firing late in the day.  The cannon, a “British 4 pound full size,” was on a caisson that a member of the 1st Regiment had fabricated.  This weapon has a shooting distance of about one mile, but on Saturday would be only packed with wadding.

Fred Nader, a Scout Master from Troop 266, explained hands-on activities and demonstrations would be going on throughout the weekend ending with nighttime bonfires.