Windham Mobil Expands to Meet Customer Needs

July 11, 2014

Staff Photo by Marc Ayotte Windham Mobil’s newest location operates at 54 Haverhill Road in Windham (just past Ledge Road on the left side heading east on Route 111).

by Marc Ayotte

With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Windham Mobil owner and operator Doug Desautels has recently taken measures to assure that his customers continue receiving the best service at the best price.  About two months ago, Desautels opened up a second location at 54 Haverhill Road in Windham; with easy access approximately 100 yards past Ledge Road, heading east on Route 111.

With two large bays that span the depth of the spacious facility, Windham Mobil employs five Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) technicians; each with a minimum of 10 years’ experience.  “We’re here to provide a good service for the customer; customer satisfaction on every vehicle,” conveyed Desautels who opened his first auto repair business in October of 1995.

In addition to offering “same-day service on 95 percent of the cars serviced” at his Mobil Professional Auto Repairs service center, Desautels takes an aggressive stance on pricing, saying that they will match competitors’ pricing, and then taking it one step further with a compelling offer: “We’ll beat any price.”  And while you are waiting for your vehicle to be serviced, Windham Mobil offers a relaxing waiting room with snacks and drinks.  However, if you can’t sit and wait, no problem, as they offer a shuttle van service to drive you home.

Windham Mobil offers a full line of services, including timing belts, AC, alignments, brakes, scheduled maintenance, radiator flush, tune-ups and a host more.  In addition, Desautels invites you in for a free code scan to help address that dreaded “check engine” notification as well as to check out his “really good tire prices.”

Adding to the customer-oriented approach, the original business which is located at 18 Mammoth Road, is still going strong and now operates as a “quick lube.”  “No appointment needed, just drive it up and get’er done,” offered Desautels.

For more information on services and pricing, check the website at or call the Mammoth Road location at 594-2410 or the Haverhill Road shop at 818-8430.