Windham Garden Club Promotes the Beauty of Nature with a Summer Tour

July 15, 2016



by Len Lathrop

Mother Nature was not aware that the Windham Garden Club had planned its summer tours, when she brought a drizzle of rain to this three-mile section of the town.  But spirits were not to be dampened or were the outstanding homes and gardens that were on the tour.  Self-guided could have been a challenge; however, if you followed the map and watched for the signs you were greeted by members whose gardens were only outshined by the conversation of how plants were grown and where walkways and walls came from, to how large bushes had been passed down through the family via cutting over five generations.

The Windham Garden Club includes 57 members who understand the beauty of nature.  The club works within the community to build a greater appreciation and pride in public landscaping.  The club helps educate and make improvements in their surroundings, so they will be more beautiful, useful and ecologically sound for everyone to enjoy.   They also create a sense of community by stimulating interest in all phases of ecology and gardening.

Some interesting things were learned on the garden tour.  For instance, there are grapes harvested in September in Windham and their wine is enjoyed by the property owner and friends.  Also, beautiful grass can be grown in heavy shade with the right type of seed and a base of loam that is at less six inches and closer to nine is even better.  If you have koi or other fish in your water features, a Blue Heron might come and have a meal and you will be left sans fish.  All Hosta are not shade tolerant, but many are and all are low maintenance, quite forgiving, incredibly elegant and currently the most popular perennial in the U.S.  And lastly, the members of the Windham Garden Club love their work and their friends’ gardens and the histories behind what you see.  And the bulldog might look a little scary, but that can be remedied by having her wear a pink tutu.