Wind Gusts and a Gutsy Dog can’t Stop the Lions Club Duck Race

June 17, 2016


by Kaylee Murphy

Even though the wind played havoc with the little yellow rubber fellas, the Litchfield Lions Club’s annual duck race at McQuesten Farm was its most successful to date.  This year the club sold just shy of 500 ducks.

Although the weather was grim for the majority of Saturday, the rain did pause for the actual duck race.  However, the wind blew the ducks in the wrong directions.  Luckily, the staff worked hard and jumped into the water with a hose to try to shift the current.  The dog Zeus managed to snag a duck, but it was quickly rescued and thrown back into the race.  For a few minutes it was really anyone’s game, but, in the end, 8-year-old Hailey won the grand prize.

The grand prize was $500.  Sixteen various prizes were given to the top ducks to cross the finish line.  These prizes include various gift certificates to local places and tickets to theme parks and water parks.  The event offered numerous duck-themed games and prizes for the kids as well as face painting.

All proceeds go back to the community, including the three scholarships that the Lions Club hands out.  In the past three duck races, the Lions members have sold an average of about 200 to 300 ducks a year.  Although it is a yearly event it still takes about four months of planning.  Duck are typically on sale for about a month prior to the race.