Will Hudson have Updated Fire Stations?

September 12, 2014
by Len Lathrop

Selectmen have focused on the state of the Hudson fire stations during their last three meetings.  Three weeks ago, Selectman Maddox challenged the board to lead the town and do what was needed.  Two weeks ago, Fire Chief Buxton presented the start of a plan to modernize the Leonard Smith Central Fire Station and replace the Burns Hill Station.  Finally, at Monday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting, the selectmen voted unanimously to place a warrant article on the ballot in March for roughly $3 million to start the process.

Renovating the Smith station has been a topic of conversation since 2008 and reached the ballot in the past, when a new station was to be built on Route 102 just past the intersection of 102 and 3A.  It was defeated by the electorate.  Studies by outside consultants where complied in 2007 for needed renovations to the Central station which are still valid as a starting point today.  Conversational numbers for this part of the project total $1 million.

The Burns Hill Station was built in 1981 as housing for call firefighter equipment and as a recovery facility, where call firefighters could shower and change before returning home after an emergency situation.  It never was planned to be a fire station to house personnel on a 24/7 bases but has been ever since it was staffed 24/7 in 2001.  The plan is to place the station on a piece of town-owned property on Lowell Road; the property is next to Hardy Road across from Fairview Nursing Home’s original building.  The idea is to build a station similar to the Londonderry Fire Station on Route 102.  The price tag is estimated to be $2 million which the town will bond.

Hudson’s Shannon Lindsay, the newest writer of the Area News Group team, will be keeping you, the readers, up to date as plans are developed for these fire projects.