Who Celebrates a 90th Birthday at the Gym?

March 27, 2015

by Len Lathrop

Well, if you’re Rela Burns and you go to the gym three to four times a week, it might be just another day that you daughter said, “mom, let’s go to the gym.”  Little did she know that the staff, her family and friends at Gold’s Gym of Hudson had planned a surprise party for her.

At the gym there were 90 cupcakes complete with nine and zero candles along with balloons, gifts, a table-size card signed by most everybody who had worked out at the gym in the last few days.  The whole celebration was under the watchful eye of Gold Gym General Manager Dana Doui and his wife, Tara, who, by the way, made all of the cupcakes.  Dana had pointed out as guests waited for the birthday girl to arrive that Rela still held court and was a vibrant 90 year old who, on many days, even drove herself to the gym.

Folks watched out the window for the birthday girl’s arrival.  When the car was seen, everyone stopped working out and gathered around the doorway to surprise her with happy birthday greetings.  On hand were her children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren to help celebrate this 90th birthday.

Born in Sanford, Maine, Rela moved with her family to Nashua when she was three months old.  She attended Nashua schools and was the 11th of 15 children.  She raised four children, David, Don, Patty, and Pam, with her husband Raymond Burns, who left her in 2006.  She has seven grandchildren and 10, almost 11, great-grandchildren as her daughter Pam put it.  A member of St. John the Evangelist Church here in Hudson, Rela loves puzzles of any nature –crossword or jigsaw– and can beat most people in a high-level Scrabble contest.

Rela was encouraged to sit on one of the exercise bikes for the group picture.  Not surprisingly, her feet and legs never stopped moving as gifts were given to her and, as the giant card was unveiled, she continued to pedal. Most likely, she was watching how many miles she had traveled that morning.

Rela explained that this was the third celebration that the Gold’s people had to recognize her birthday, but at 90, this was just spectacular.  If you know Rela or see her in the street or at the club please wish her a happy birthday  She is one outstanding artist and citizen that everyone should know.