When a Black Moon (Whoopie Pie) is Payment Enough

December 31, 2015


by Len Lathrop

Mother Nature challenged those at the St. John the XXIII Food Pantry this Saturday morning.  It was the first somewhat colder and windier Saturday that we have had this season.  Still it was a lot nicer than many of the years that these volunteers can remember when the pickup day arrived.  But Pauline Boisvert once again, for another year, had the official payment for the volunteers; yes, homemade Black Moons.

Two hundred and ten families had a better holiday due the efforts of everyone at the food pantry.  The pass-out system is tried and true with the help of a large group of Hudson firefighters and their families who were there to move boxes of food and bags full of toys and gifts.

If you were on Library Street Saturday morning that was the commotion in front of the church.  First, an important point, while the folks who need a little help come to the food pantry, from my calculation, only three people know their identity.  Everything is handled by numbers, here is how it happens.  Get out of your car in the driveway as firefighters will move it through the loading stations.  Next, go inside and visit with Joyce and Leona and sign in and get your numbers, who also hand everything out with a lot of love and concern  Be careful as boxes of food are carried down the stairs by firefighters.  Now down the hall where Donna has gift cards and other certificates for your family.  At the next table many of the young people help get the gifts set aside for your family, all by number, and down the next set of stairs you head, with the bags being carried for you.  Back outside as cars have been loaded by the volunteers with boxes of food for a complete holiday dinner.  Your car is returned to you, and everyone wishes you a great holiday.

Around 11o’clock all the cars are loaded and there are no more boxes of food lining the driveway, the volunteers are preparing to leave, but the ladies of the food bank are already planning for next year and the bi-weekly food pass-outs on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month as well as the Easter meal event.  That is not too far away as they will do around 27 food pass-outs before the Christmas holiday comes in 2016.  Not to mention the weekend meals program for school children and the summer program for children when the school lunch programs stop for the summer.

If you can help or need help, contact the parish office at 882-2462, ext. 6, or email:  office@stjohnxxiiinh.org.