Welcoming the Class of 2027

September 18, 2015


by Len Lathrop

The Hudson school system offers a unique event that, unless you have had a first grader in the past eight years, you might not know about.  Every year incoming students are given a T-shirt with their graduation year on them.  This year’s 199 students were seated by class on the floor of the H. O. Smith School, which is where all first graders start their education.  Most had been in kindergarten at the Library Street School last year, but that was only a half-day program.  This year they had become real full-day scholars.

Superintendent Bryan Lane greeted everyone and explained what a graduation year meant – how this was their number and no one could take it away from them, and they would be the only ones to ever be the class of 2027 at Alvirne High School.

Several students from the high school came to H. O. Smith to help pass out the T-shirts and introduced themselves as the class of 2016, their exclusive number.

Lane made a special point of getting the first graders to know what AHS meant – Alvirne High School.  Then, as he has done for all his years as high school principal, he demonstrated the Bronco Cheer as only Mr. Lane could.

As the class of 2027 where excitedly heading back to their class, Lane pointed out that that is why they always do the T-shirt distribution at the end of the day on Friday, as now all the teachers had to do was get the maroon-clothed people on to their buses for the ride home.