Veterans Honored at LMS Assembly

November 15, 2013

by AJ Dickinson

On Friday, November 8 Litchfield Middle School held an assembly to honor all United States service men and women in the spirit of Veterans Day.  LMS students watched and listened as their fellow scholars, their principal, and Campbell High School’s own Kelly Fraser give wonderfully patriotic speeches on freedom.  In a way that seemed to resonate with his audience, Fraser, a former U.S. Army soldier of 29 years turned educator, explained to Litchfield’s youth that in America you can achieve anything you have the desire to achieve, and that you can go as far as your talent, brains and ambition will take you.  “If you like art, music, or science, you can study these subjects,” said Fraser, he then continued, “those freedoms do not come cheaply, those freedoms were very expensive, and were bought by the hard work and blood of every soldiers from the American Revolution all the way up to the present.”  Several veterans including Fraser were honored that Friday morning.  The special assembly was both touching and informative for all in attendance leaving everyone in that gymnasium a little more appreciative of the many freedoms practiced by Americans.