Veterans and Fifth-Grade Leaders Share a Memorable Dinner

January 6, 2017


by Len Lathrop

The Pelham Elementary School fifth-grade leadership group invited town veterans for dinner the Thursday before the holiday break.

While the pictures almost tell the story, some of the things that were heard and saw moved many of the veterans to comment.  When the veterans arrived fourth graders were just finishing lunch; most of them stood and offered handshakes to each veteran and thanked them for their service.  Staff mentioned that it was spontaneously.  As the class changed while the leadership team of students got to work making their guests welcome, the rest of the fifth graders joined in with handshakes.

While the tables were set and decorated with patriotic signs and flags, the veterans were seated as the leadership group brought a complete turkey dinner for each veteran and the special student turkey dinner being served that day.  Each student sat across from the adults with the vets asking about what they wanted to do and the student talking about what the veterans had done in the war and why they decided to go into the military.

As dinner was winding down and all the trays returned to the kitchen, goodbyes and thank yous were being offered all around.  The students gathered in a circle, and one could hear the comment, ‘better than a field trip’ coming from the huddle.