Upon His Return from a Third Deployment, HPD Honors Police Prosecutor

April 7, 2017


by Len Lathrop

As recognition of his service to our country, the Hudson Police Department assembled and presented the flag that flew at the station during Police Prosecutor Joseph Tessier’s, Esq., deployment, as a Sergeant in the New Hampshire Army National Guard.

While the ceremony marked the Sergeant’s return from nine months in country (all that military are allowed to tell you about deployments), it gave his fellow police family time to celebrate his safe return. The police officers presented Attorney Tessier with an encased flag which had flown over the Washington Capital Building, and certificates from the New Hampshire’s Washington delegation. Mounted on the back of the triangle case was the Blue Star Banner which was flown at the police station during his deployment.

It was moving when Attorney Tessier thanked the police officers for their support of his family during his deployment.  Brief stories of a plumbing issue and a roof problem were swept away as “That is what we do for a brother,” came from Captain William Avery and most in the room nodded.

James Moody, Military Outreach Coordinator of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, spoke to those assembled about how support from employers help make the service to the country just a bit easier when people at home help out.  There are roughly 1,700 army National Guard men and women in New Hampshire and many like Atty. Tessier have been deployed for long periods of time and multiple times during their service.  Tessier has served with the Guard for 14 years and performs legal service; he also works with the artillery divisions.