U Can’t Touch Them – Alvirne Graduates Sent off to ‘Find their Purpose’

June 26, 2015

submitted by Rhiannon Snide

“One of the best in recent memory” is how Susan Bureau, dean of academics, described the Alvirne High School Class of 2015, before handing the mic over to 2015 Class President Timothy Campbell.

Timothy first addressed the empty chair dedicated to the late Mallory Gray, who passed away in 2009.  As a “classmate, and friend to all” a standing applause was attributed to Mallory as Timothy stated that she is “greatly missed, but not forgotten.”

Timothy went on to give three pieces of advice to his fellow classmates.  “Take time to appreciate life; do not be apathetic; and don’t let someone else do it.”  He asked all the graduates to look forward to the future and give their all to all they do.  Timothy left his classmates with the final piece of advice to “go, go, go.  Don’t just be in the world, change it.”

Samantha Belliveau faced her fear of public speaking when delivering the graduation’s Salutatorian speech.  She began by explaining “after 12 long years of avoiding speaking in front of a crowd … I’ve been rewarded by speaking in an arena in front of thousands of people.”  She then urged her fellow graduates to face their fears, just as she has.  “Courage is invaluable to our futures” she continued, asking everyone to use their unique talents to better our world.

Class Valedictorian Dominique Kaempf related life, before and during high school, to a fairy tale, referring to graduation as the “happily ever after.”  While she was sad to say that this “chapter” of their lives has come to an end, a smile of hope was projected when she explained that every graduate has the chance to “choose which adventures” they now want to take.

Dominique wanted all of her fellow graduates to be proud of the fact that no matter where their next chapter takes them, “together we added a chapter to the story that is Alvirne High School.”

Following the graduates’ speeches was the presentation of the Chester Steckevicz award; presenting the award was Bill Hughen, student counseling district director.  Just a sample of all the extra-curricular activities the recipient participated in included: school band, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and Youth Group.  The recipient, Devon Langlois, who will be attending University of Massachusetts Lowell, was described by Hughen as “hard working” and “driven,” both characteristics that helped her earn this prestigious award.

Preceding the Chester Steckevicz award was a performance by Alvirne High’s B-Naturals, who earned a standing ovation following their rendition of “I Lived.”

Alvirne High School Principal Steven Beals followed the performance with a message to the graduates.  Beals did exactly what all high school students have been advised not to do throughout their years of schooling, procrastinate.  He admitted to all that his speech’s theme didn’t come to him until 9:45 p.m. Wednesday night, giving him one night to write a message to the graduating class.

The procrastination served him well though, as his opening comments to the graduates were “the purpose of life is living a life of purpose.”  He urged the graduates to find their purpose in life, just as he did through engaging in a career in education.  Beals challenged the graduates to “prove to the world that the ‘me’ generation can be the ‘we’ generation” by using their talents to help each other and change the world.

After the graduates accepted the diplomas they worked so hard for, Beals gave his closing remarks, which included the singing and flash mob dance to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” in efforts to re-iterate the class’s year-long mantra “Cant touch th15.”