Tuscan Kitchen Salutes Veterans

November 22, 2013

by Doug Robinson

Tuscan Kitchen saluted more than 1,200 of America’s servicemen and servicewomen with a complimentary lunch at Tuscan Kitchen in Salem.

“This is our fourth year hosting this luncheon” commented Tuscan Kitchen Owner, Joe Faro.  “This is a wonderful experience and we are very happy to be able to offer this luncheon to our veterans.  Today, we will serve over 1,200 dinners to veterans from all branches of our armed forces who have been involved in over five wars.”

Menu selections included homemade Fusilli alla Bolognese or Rosemary Roasted Sirloin with extra virgin oil, green beans and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.  Special and personal selections were also offered to the young children of the veterans who chose a simpler fare.  Juice, coffee, tea and homemade cookies were also provided.  All veterans received a $5 gift certificate to the Tuscan Market.

Local children from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem offered their thanks to the veterans as they performed their ambassador duties.

The Homeland Heroes Foundation provided the opportunity for those in attendance to learn how those attending the luncheon could personally help our overseas soldiers by providing donations of pillows and blankets to our soldiers now serving in Afghanistan.

Building Dreams for Marines hosted linen draped tables offering their help to those “who have served and have a physically limiting condition, with life enhancing modifications to their homes.  Building Dreams for Marines steps in to provide no-cost planning, designing and building services.”

While waiters, waitresses and bussing employees darted and dashed between the tables, a full complement of cooks, cleaners, and even “bean picker” donated their time to provide America’s veterans with a wonderful luncheon.

“Tuscan Brands believes that giving back to the community not only helps those that are less fortunate, but allows us to create a relationship with our community & the people in it” stated Joe Faro.