Trump’s Campaign Stops at Hudson VFW Post 5791

May 1, 2015

by Len Lathrop

While whirlwinds might be a weather term, the pre-announced presidential campaign stop by Donald Trump on Monday was nothing less.  Trump whirled in glad-handing the audience of mostly veterans, heading directly to the podium to address the audience.

Trump spoke candidly without prepared notes and stressed that he hasn’t made up his mind quite yet to be a candidate.  He pitched himself as a Washington outsider, and underdog.  “It’s very hard for a person like me to get elected,” Trump said.  “I may not be able to.  I might not get the nomination. Some stiff is going to get the nomination.”

The unannounced candidate’s strongest words were about the recently announced Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  He used words such as “bribery” and “criminal” to describe Clinton’s recent Secretary of State post.  “She’s using the office of Secretary of State to get rich,” Trump commented.

Answering a question from William Tate, Trump danced around the issue of economic competition from other countries, mostly China.  “Wall Street guys, they’re horrible, horrible people, but they are the greatest negotiators in the world.”  “I put them in charge of China and then say, ‘lots of luck China.’”

Trump thanked all the veterans in the audience for their service and, within a brief 20 minutes, was on his way to the next “preannounced campaign stop”