Treating U.S. Troops to a Sweet ‘Taste of America’

April 22, 2016


by Lynne Ober

Saturday at Pelham VFW Post 10722, community members of all ages gathered together to decorate brown bags that would then be filled with the ingredients needed to make S’mores, a favorite childhood treat.

“We wanted to send our troops serving overseas a taste of America,” smiled Madeline Dreusicke, who organized the event.  “What could be better than being able to make S’mores?  As Memorial Day approaches we all think about picnics with families.  We hope this will remind the troops of favorite memories.”

Participants were urged to bring a box of graham crackers, a package of 6 chocolate bars and a bag of regular-sized marshmallows with them.  Pizza was provided for participants.  You could decorate one bag or several and also write a note to a serviceman or woman serving.

Dreusicke said that the decorated bags would be put into priority mail boxes, and then a can of tuna, dried fruit, beef jerky, socks and dental hygiene kits would be added to the boxes.  All of these would be included with the May package mailing to the troops.

As the afternoon wore on there was lots of laughter.   “It truly was a great community event for young, old and in between to come together side by side and show our support for the troops that keep us all free,” said Dreusicke.  “Thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart for helping out today!”