Tradition of Volunteerism is Alive and Well at Windham Terrace with Loaves of Love

January 2, 2015

by Doug Robinson

The sweet smell of homemade bread having just come out of the hot oven fills the corridors and the country kitchen area of Windham Terrace.  Its aroma brings back childhood memories, when on that snowy day, mom used to make bread at home.

Inside the country kitchen are six dedicated volunteers, residents, sitting around the kitchen table, draped with cooking aprons.  They are baking the bread for the needy of Windham.  To them, they are baking loaves of love.

Flour, sugar, salt baking soda, butter, one egg-beaten, orange zest, orange juice, raisins, chopped cranberries are combined in the making of Grandma’s secret recipe.  Butter is melted “until the “mixture is crumbly, (an) egg, orange peel, and orange juice” are then added.  The batter is then “baked for 70 minutes at 350 degrees F, “or until (a) toothpick inserted comes out clean.”

The women have been working for two weeks creating the 70 loaves of love called “Grandma’s Famous Cranberry Bread.”   From measuring to mixing, the batter is then baked and bagged, ready to be gifted to Windham’s Helping Hands and Windham’s Shepherd’s Pantry.  From there, the loaves of love will travel with other donations of food to many need homes, where they will be shared by hundreds more, as the bread is sliced, buttered, and maybe warmed up again.

“The spirit of volunteerism never goes away,” commented Alicia Seil, Life and Enrichment director for Windham Terrace.  “These wonderful ladies have been at this since last week and are committed to making the 70 loaves of cranberry bread.”

Windham Terrace Executive Director Lynda Brislin, RN explained, “These women have been volunteering all of their lives.  They have donated countless hours in their communities before coming to Windham Terrace.  They have such wonderful talents and a spirit of giving.  They love to continue using those talents, just as they have done throughout the entire lives.”