To the Voters of Hudson

March 7, 2014
Paul Inderbitzen, Town Moderator, Hudson

First of all, I would like to thank those of you who participated in or watched the Town and School Deliberative Sessions in February.  If you have not had a chance to view the re-broadcasts, there is still time to catch them on Hudson Cable TV or stream them to your computer.  The discussions will help you to understand the issues that you are being asked to vote on at next Tuesday’s Election.  Also, you should watch the Junior Women’s Club Candidate Night to hear from those candidates who are asking for your vote.

For voting on March 11, the NH Voter ID law is still in place, so it will take a few extra seconds for the clerks to verify the voter on the checklist with their photo ID. Below is a list of the kinds of ID that are acceptable in New Hampshire:

Driver’s license issued by any state or federal government;

Non-driver ID card issued by NH DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) or motor vehicle agency of another state;

U.S. Armed Services ID card;

U.S. Passport (even if expired);

Valid photo ID card issued by either the federal government or a state, county or municipal government;

Valid student ID card

Other photo ID deemed legitimate by the supervisors of the checklist, the moderator, or the clerk; or

Verification of identity by a supervisor of the checklist, the moderator or the clerk.

If you do not have one of the forms of ID listed, the Town Clerk’s office has vouchers that can be taken to the State Department of Motor Vehicles for a free NH Voter ID Card.

Be assured, no eligible voter will be denied the right to cast a ballot at the polls.  If you do not have an acceptable photo ID, you will need to sign a Challenged Voter Affidavit that will be witnessed by an election official.  For those registered voters without photo ID who need to fill out an affidavit, please stop at the Voter Affidavit table before you go to the Check-in tables.

After the election, the Secretary of State will send you a verification letter to confirm that you voted in the election.  You will need to send in the return form that accompanies the letter within 90 days of receipt.  If you do not respond within the 90 days the Attorney General’s Office will conduct an investigation to determine if voter fraud has occurred.

As Election Officials, we do our best to make the voting process as efficient and easy as possible.  We appreciate the voters’ patience at the check-in as we follow the State required process.  Please show your ID and state your name clearly to the ballot clerks so they can find it on the checklist and verify your name, ID, and address.

We look forward to seeing as many voters as possible on Tuesday, March 11, to select our local officials and to decide what services the Town and School District will provide.  If you do not cast a ballot in the Town and School Elections, you will not have a voice in what those services will be in the coming year.