Thirty Years of Loyalty from Captain Tousignant

August 28, 2015


by Len Lathrop

Some presenters may have had a roast in mind as they spoke about Captain Robert Tousignant on his last day of work for the Hudson Police.  While they tried, not one of them could end with anything but a tribute to the 30 years that Tousignant had spent in loyal service to the town, its citizen and their safety.

Chief Jason Lavoie might have said it best as he closed the retirement lunch last Friday, stating that Bob is loyal as a friend and loyal as a police officer.

Sept. 28, 1980, was the official date that Tousignant became a patrolman for the town; prior to that he had worked as a dispatcher for the department.  He was promoted to sergeant in June of 1985, and then served as lieutenant from Feb. 1, 2004 until his promotion to captain on May 30, 2010.

While a member of Hudson Police, Tousignant served in almost every role including DARE officer, detective, prosecutor, patrol commander, administrative services commander and Southern New Hampshire Special Operations negotiation team leader.  He participated in police community events such as CHIPS, Old Home Days, the Citizens’ Police Academy, police blood drives, Toys for Tots, and Salvation Army bell ringing.

The department had prepared well for this luncheon with a full Ann Seabury Room.  A tent had been erected outside for many of the guests to enjoy their lunch prior to the presentations.  In attendance, in addition to the active officers and administrative staff, was the captain’s family, with his grandson Liam capturing some of the attention.  Former police captains there to congratulate Tousignant were Retired Capt. William Closs, Jr., Capt. Raymond Mello, Lt. William Pease, Lt. Donald McCrady, Sgt. Michael Smith, just to name a few.  Additionally, there were members of the NH State Police and Nashua Police, as well as all the ranking officers of the Hudson Fire Department and many of the administrative staff from the other town departments.

Representing the selectmen were Chairman Rick Maddox, Vice Chair Roger Coutu, Marilyn McGrath and Patricia Nichols.  Maddox presented Tousignant with a proclamation from the Hudson Board of Selectmen, taking a moment to thank Tousignant for his serve to the town and its citizens.  He mentioned that during his tenure as a selectman he had even “for a boy from Billerica perfected the captain’s last name.”  Coutu, after reading and presenting Tousignant with a proclamation from New Hampshire Governor Hassan, spoke about the two’s long-time relationship back to the “Centerville section” of Lowell when Tousignant would come into his store to gas up on a pint of beans, and how Bob would always be his friend.  He ended his remarks with a salute to the captain.

Tousignant received plaques and commendations from the Hudson Police Relief Association and the police union, and a certificate from the CHIPS organization.  Londonderry officers, who are members of the Southern NH Special Operation Negotiation Team with Hudson Lt. Kevin DiNapoli, presented Tousignant with a T-shirt screen-printed with his nickname, “Uncle Bob,” by the negotiation group.

Sergeant Michael Gosselin spoke about Tousignant, while he tried to be in the nature of a roast, the sergeant talked about his mentor, his colleague, his boss, and most of all stories about his friendship with Bob.  From times of Bob being there to help during family crisis to things they had done together, he closed by stating that Bob Tousignant had fulfilled his obligation to the Town of Hudson many times over.

Captain William Avery presented Tousignant with a sub-compact 357 pistol and his duty badge.

Tousignant thanked everyone who had attended and re-lived some of the best and worst moments of his career.  In closing, he stated he knows the citizens of Hudson are safe and he was proud to be member of the Hudson Police Department.