The Steckevicz Turns into a Winter Wonderland

January 27, 2017


by Len Lathrop

With finals over it was time to dance, as the student leadership team held a winter semi-formal at Alvirne.  With snowmen on the gymnasium walls and blue lights moving on the outside of the brick front of the building, the feeling of being there for a sporting event was completely gone.

Ladies were dressed in very elegant dresses and even some gowns while most of the young men were in shirts and ties.  The red carpet effect was replaced by a blue-and-white snowflake runner, which made for an enchanted winter feel.

While the upstairs gym was where the music played, the cafeteria provided a nice retreat for some food with an abundance of pizza, chicken wings and several types of pasta.  If offered a quiet place to sit for a minute without the music.