The Remarkable and Talented PHS Class of 2016 Takes Flight

June 17, 2016


by Rhiannon Snide

On Friday, June 10, 128 talented Pelham High School Class of 2016 graduates celebrated their milestone together and readied themselves for that next big step in life.

The audience, stretching over half of Harris Family Field, was welcomed by Principal Dr. Dorothy Mohr who began her remarks by commending the graduates on conquering any and all hardships they faced to successfully complete their high school careers.

“The process of growth requires persistence, patience and focus to reach an ultimate goal,” stated Mohr.

Carrying on the theme of personal growth and happiness were the speeches delivered, respectively, by Salutatorian Shannon McAdam; Essayist Kathryn Blais; Class President Heather Snide, and Valedictorian Anna Ly.

“As we leave PHS with our memories, each of us takes a part or a lesson if you will, from one another.  As we venture off into bigger and better things, I ask you not to let go of your past but instead to cherish it,” said Snide.

Preceding the speeches was a presentation of awards to numerous graduates, totaling $46,300 in scholarships from the Pelham community.

The scholarships awarded were presented based on various skill sets mastered by certain graduates ranging from academics, sports, and the arts.

“As individuals they are all truly remarkable we have some very talented musicians, and artists that have really stood out.  We have a lot of kids that are going into the military and I feel that really makes this class unique,” stated Mohr.

All awards were followed by a roaring applause, including the presidential appointment of Skylar Goss to the Military Academy at West Point, which was followed by a standing ovation.

Concluding the event was the presentation of diplomas, which drew much emotion from the graduates.

“This is a really special group of kids who have had a really strong bond with one another that became obvious throughout the year.  I will definitely be sad to see them go, but I am proud of where they have come,” stated Joe Mundi, PHS music teacher.