The Donkeys had their own Game Plan

November 27, 2015


by Bob Gibbs

It was definitely a stubborn contest as the Pelham High School Booster Club held its second annual Donkey Basketball event at Pelham High School.

The Pelham Fire and Police departments fielded teams of tough competitors to go against the well-trained coaches from Pelham Soccer, Pelham Baseball, Pelham Razorbacks and from Parks and Recreation.

The donkeys brought in for these gritty games came from Mountain View Ranch in Danby, Vt.  These donkeys were some of the toughest, well trained, and seasoned of all donkey basketball equus athletes.

The games truly came down to each team’s ability to stay on their donkeys.  All teams came with good game plans.  The police depended on their teamwork, while the firefighters focused on their passing; the coaches thought their agility would get them to the championship.  Funny enough the donkeys had their own plan.

Once the teams got on their mounts, it was up to each rider to get the four-legged competitors to head to their respective baskets.  This is when each team’s plan fell apart due to the donkeys having the final say.  With nimble movements and lightning-fast reflexes –not to mention their well- bred stubbornness– the donkeys played their own game at their own pace.

In the finals, the coach’s team had a chance to pull out the win.  The coaches took many, many, many, many shots with only seconds to go, but in the end, the Pelham Police Department came away with this year’s honor as the Pelham Donkey Basketball Champions of 2015.