The Bench Overlooks Jerry’s Beloved Benson Park

June 24, 2016

by Len Lathrop

The day could not have been nicer as family, friends, car club buddies and Benson Park Committee members and volunteers gathered to honor the late Gerald Desrosiers, Jr.

Now a bench is located at the end of the newly moved and painted train station, the spot that overlooks the park from the rise; from the train station, you can see the 9/11 Memorial, the children’s playground and the park’s lawns and trees.

The location is perfect for a bench dedicated to Jerry.  Everyone there could visualize Jerry sitting there and directing everyone’s efforts to reclaim Benson Park from time and Mother Nature.

While his official title is Selectman Roger Coutu, this day, a much better title would be Jerry’s friend, a weed puller and brush cutter.  He welcomed those there, on behalf of the family, he lamented on the early days at the park, whenever few could predict where those early efforts would the park.  Roger spoke of the Ben and Jerry T-shirts, which were produced as Jerry stood up to selectmen and others to keep the volunteer work going forward.

Roger invited Ben Nadeau, the other half of the Ben and Jerry team, to say a few words.  Ben talked about how Jerry was always considerate about the volunteers and making sure that there was food and drinks for everyone.  Ben mentioned that Jerry could get pizza from almost every pie maker in the north side of town.  Ben, in an almost broken voice, told of making lists of jobs that needed to be done sitting on the wall by the pond.  When Jerry asked if Ben felt like they were being watched, they both saw a baby fox drinking from the pond.  Ben provided the fox’s sound effects.

Roger thanked everyone on behalf of the family and invited them to White Birch Catering and Banquet Hall for lunch.