The Bar Ride Raises $4,130 for 50 Legs

October 11, 2019


by Len Lathrop

For the second year The Bar on Burnham Road hosted a motorcycle ride to support 50 Legs, which really should be called 500 Legs.  As of this month, 472 people in all have benefited from the operations of this organization.

Riders started to arrive around 8:30 a.m. for the kick stand up scheduled for 10:30 a.m.  Judy Laferriere had the place hustling with coffee and donuts for all as folks registered and got in on the raffles and other giveaways.  And with a roar that might have been heard over at Benson Park, the 50 or so riders were away.  Heading to Route 102 toward Manchester with a stop at the XX pits and then a return to The Bar for a ham and turkey dinner and all the fix’ns.  For a second year The Bar has organized this ride, and this year’s donation was $4,130.

The purpose of 50 Legs is to provide amputees with the necessary care and prosthetics that they could not otherwise afford and to help them live happier and healthier lives.

Their values, coupled with the desire to give back, have a positive impact on the lives of amputees by removing hopelessness and providing necessary care and prosthetic devices.  Fifty Legs vows to assist in providing the needed care and/or prosthetic devices to someone who loses a leg or foot to allow them to continue to be active and productive.

Judy Laferriere, The Bar’s owner, was overwhelmed with the turnout.  These are here words:

“Thanks to everyone involved from Bea (Catherine Fraser-Dery) who got me involved with 50 Legs, has fantastic ideas, always, always helps me with ‘stuff’ to *Magster* for doing everything without hesitation, and to Steve Chamberland from the 50 Legs organization for letting me be involved in 50 Legs … you do amazing things … knowing that we all changed someone’s life, literally changed their life makes my heart proud … thank you each and every one … that right there is why I do these things …

“love to all … Peter Pappas, Maddie Ryan, Granite Street Rhythm, and Old No. 7 … you guys were unbelievable — you kept the day rolling with great music and everyone had fun … thank you Mike T, for helping us with the route, and Tom Pelkey for stepping up and leading the run, the guys (sorry, didn’t catch names) for stepping up to road guard … my two bartenders, Andrea and Angela– you kept the drinks rolling, my two cooks Jeff and Doreen who jumped into action wherever it was needed, of course my patrons, who never ever let me down, for all the riders who came, for all the T-shirt sponsors … and now for the mushy stuff … my kids and my husband who help me always.”

The Bar moves toward its next community event — “Toys for Tots.”