The American Legion Band Wants You

August 30, 2019


by Doug Robinson

The year was 1946, and the brave men and women who fought in the Great War had returned home to Hudson and Nashua.  As they found new employment, re-uniting with friends and family, they also found friendships, camaraderie, and enjoyment as they gathered to not only play the patriotic music and marches of John Phillips Sousa, but to showcase their talents throughout the United States.

These talented musicians united and grew into an award-winning marching and performance band of 60 strong.  Standing shoulder to shoulder, they marched in perfect step, rhythm, and cadence.

This story of the American Legion Band represents the story exemplified in both service and giving.  They once marched to the sounds of war, but now, ever since 1946, the American Legion Band marches for the enjoyment of all to see.

The American Legion Band, which practices every week at the American Legion in Hudson, has traversed the United States offering performances in the form of parades and concerts.

In previous years, it was not unusual for the band to hold eight concerts as well as march in eight parades during their performance season.  The band has participated in four national conventions, traveling from York, Maine, to Louisville, Kentucky.

Flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, tubas, and drums make up the majority of instruments comprising this band.  Today, as they sit shoulder to shoulder performing their selected compositions, their polished instruments reflect not only the sunlight from above, but the their enthusiasm and passion of purpose.  The members of the American Legion Band love to play music.

The time has come for a new, younger generation to step up and to step on board and join the American Legion Band.  “Many people think you have to be a veteran to play in the band,” writes Roger W. Gaskill. “Not true.  I have been a member of the band for 73 years, but I am not a veteran.  We have had people, just out of high school (play with us) and older ones (too).”

During the 1980s, the American Legion Band had more than 40 musicians involved. However, as the years have progressed, that number has diminished to just 25.  And, while these dedicated few remain the core of the band, the survival of the band rests with the involvement of the next generation.

Should you wish to join the band or receive more information about the band, call the American Legion at 889-9777.