The Alphabet Woven into Quilts for Library Street Learners

October 20, 2017


by Len Lathrop

Did you know the letter “Z” is for zebra and, if the zebra is sleeping, what is coming out of its mouth?  Z-Z-Z, of course!

This creative concept, along with 25 others, can be seen on the walls of the Library Street School.  For those who don’t have very small learners, the Library Street School houses the Hudson kindergarten and preschools.  There are two half-day sessions with five classes each in the morning and then five in the afternoon.

Did you know your letters when you were in kindergarten?  For about 35 days, Assistant Principal Sandy Johnstone asked the students as they passed if they knew the letter she pointed to; the children did not fail.  And, after two students posed for a picture with one of the display cases of letters along with Allyson Jutres, who brought the quilts to the school, both spelled their names very quickly and easily.

The quilts were made by the Souhegan Valley Quilters Guild, who Jutres works with.  They will be on display at the school for about a month,.