Test Scores for Hudson Students Show Some Improvement

November 11, 2016


Credit: NH Department of Education

Credit: NH Department of Education

by Lynne Ober

The New Hampshire Department of Education recently announced the results of the spring 2016 statewide assessments, noting that scores rose three percent from last year’s baseline.  Results reflect three different assessment components:  the Smarter Balanced Assessment, the Common Core (aka College and Career Readiness standards) aligned statewide test; the Performance Assessment of Competency Education, a semi-controversial integrated assessment tool used in eight districts last year; and the SAT now used as the 11th grade statewide assessment.

The Hudson School District got some welcome news about student achievement.  Hudson students earned higher scores than before, and, while the gains were modest, any improvement is good news.  The only test result that went down was mathematics for 8th graders, but the math test score was very low for both the eighth grade and eleventh grade classes.

With the SAT now being used as the statewide assessment might parents be concerned about a child’s preparation for college with such low eleventh-grade testing scores?

Hudson fifth grade students showed the biggest improvement over last year’s fifth grade class.  However, last year’s fifth graders scored higher as sixth graders which was a step in the right direction.

As a parent, would you be happy with a 52-percentile proficiency in mathematics or would you think that your child was not showing adequate improvement?  That is the underlying question that sits behind those small improvements.  Some parents are no longer allowing their students to participate in the testing citing the loss of instructional time.

New Hampshire Department of Education also provides two graphs showing pupil enrollment.  Hudson’s enrollment is in a downward trend, as is much of the state.  This is particularly obvious in the graph showing enrollment by grade.