Teaching Patriotism to Instill its Importance in the Next Generation

K-5 Graduation at Tabernacle Christian School

June 15, 2018


courtesy of Susan Wellman

On Thursday evening, June 1, the patriotic theme of Memorial Day was woven throughout the kindergarten graduation. Children from the kindergarten classes, dressed in red, white, and blue outfits, opened the program with the Pledge of Allegiance. With broad smiles and enthusiastic hand motions, they loudly and lovingly sang many patriotic songs beginning with a rousing rendition of “Yankee Doodle.”

The American flag was pledged to, sung about, and honored. K-5 graduating students dressed in special costumes representing “Honest Abe,” Christopher Columbus, George Washington, ‘‘Lady Liberty” and other individuals, recited precious, fitting speeches. It was apparent that love for their flag and their country were values these children were taught throughout the year. It was with excitement that some of these K-5 graduates had also walked in the Memorial Day parade.

Senior Pastor Michael Small delivered a short message on patriotism and sacrifice. Along with the academics, the training at Tabernacle richly imparts to each child the importance of knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Quoting from song lyrics to “Freedom’s Never Free,” Pastor Small challenged everyone to remember that heaven’s finest soldier was Jesus Christ. As the song says, “the cross will never die because we will not forget … freedom’s never free.”

Set to the tune of “Let Them Be Little,” a touching video presentation of each K-5 graduate was enjoyed. Through music and photos everyone was reminded how quickly the years go by and to cherish the moments.

Both of Tabernacle’s pastors had a special graduate in this year’s class; Pastor Small’s son Micah and Pastor Miller’s grandson, Noah. It’s a blessing to see the heritage of Christian faith being passed from generation to generation at Tabernacle Christian School. Watching the 13 graduates proceed to the platform in their pink or blue cap and gown was met with smiles, cheers, and tears. As their names were called by Sarah Sisler, diplomas were presented to each student by their teacher, Christine Gentile. The k-5 graduates are Abijah Litchfield-Adams, Noah Christ (Pastor Miller’s grandson), Alycia Da Silva, Aaron Douglas, Giulia Fawcett, Jonathan Fontes, Arena Ireland, Emily Lisboa, Enzo Locatelli, Macey Mannion, Thomas Shea, Micah Small (Pastor Small’s son), and Christian Williams.