Superintendent Seeks to Limit School Board Member Access in Hudson Schools

January 29, 2016



by Lynne Ober

Hudson School Superintendent Bryan Lane is attempting to limit access of school board members to Hudson schools.  He submitted a new policy to the board for a first reading.

In order for a school board member to visit a school, that member “shall have discussed a desire to visit a building or property with the board in advance of any visit.”  Since the Hudson School Board has a limited meeting schedule this provision alone means that a board member must submit an agenda item for a school board meeting and then discuss the visit with the board.  This provision can result in a delay of 2 to 4 weeks.

The policy further states, “The Principal shall be given a 24-hour notice as to the purpose of the visit so that a guide may be made available for the board member to facilitate the reason for the visit.”

Since the policy already requires the school board member to discuss with the board, shouldn’t the superintendent notify the affected principal of the agenda item and have the principal at the board meeting for the discussion?  Why is an additional 24-hour notice required?  The public doesn’t know because when this was presented to the board in public session, there was little discussion of any specific item.

Nor did the board question or discuss why a guide is needed, which left one parent who asked not to be named asking what was being hidden in her child’s school.  When she read the policy this parent also questioned the provision stating, “School board members should not be in area of any school that is not designated to the purpose of the visit.”

This policy will again come before the board and, hopefully, at the next meeting there will be enough discussion so that the public understands what is being asked and why.  “Transparency in everything we do should be very important,” said school board member Ben Nadeau.