Special Caregivers Make a Wedding Dream Come True

July 10, 2015

by Len Lathrop with assistance from Rosie Sampson, Director of Community Relations, Fairview Healthcare

On Saturday, June 27, 2015, at 10:30 a.m., Kasey Gust walked down the aisle at The Inn at Fairview escorted by her father, Michael Gust.  Michael, age 58, is living with early onset Alzheimer’s and is a resident of The Inn at Fairview as a result of this disease.  Since Michael will not be able to attend his daughter’s wedding in the fall in Ohio because of the very specialized care needs that he has, on Saturday, the wedding came to him.

Michael walked his daughter down the aisle to her groom, Matt Hudson.  Following the vows the family and their friends joined by The Inn at Fairview residents and staff enjoyed a reception complete with food, flowers, and a DJ for dancing.  The bride had her father-daughter dance and her first dance with her groom.  The wedding cake was cut, and family photos were taken.

The Gust family will have keepsake photos of this amazing event which will include their beloved father and husband Michael.  Due to his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease Michael may not remember the wedding in the days that follow, but his family will have these memories for a lifetime.

Early Onset Alzheimer’s takes so much from individuals and their families.  The goal at The Inn at Fairview is to give back as much as they can.  Here’s to The Gust Family!

Want to understand Alzheimer’s and the services at The Inn at Fairview Healthcare, Rosie Sampson can be reached at Rsampson@fairviewhealthcare.com.