Songs that Warmed Many Souls on a Cold Tuesday Morning

December 23, 2016


by Len Lathrop

Many of the most heartwarming events that occur at the North Barn involve two very different demographic groups of the community.  On Dec. 20, eighth graders, who could be 12, 13 or 14, came from the Hudson Memorial School to sing to the folks that hang out at The Barn most days of the week; no ages will be mentioned, so your HLN can go back for another fun event in the future.

Don’t underestimate the performance, these students had just finished their holiday concerts at the school, and they performed numbers from that event, which Sarah Herron, their choral director, described as multi-part SATB (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) presentations.  Student-musicians with different singing voices made the songs come alive in the main room.  After several of the completed and beautiful pieces, the seniors were asked to sing along with many very familiar Christmas carols.  It was hard to tell which group was having the most fun.  Then, all of a sudden, half the students who were singing left the group and passed out filled stockings to all the audience members.