Some Things are Just Not Meant to be ….

March 31, 2017



Today that statement relates to your Pelham~Windham News as this will be the last edition that you and your neighbors will receive.  Our staff has taken tremendous pride in bringing you news and community events for nearly 15 years.  It has been a great journey to get to know the wonderful folks of both towns, but the internet and social media have changed how everyone gets information.  Now everyone has an internet connection in their homes, and most have phones that keep them on the information highway.

While we can still be better reporters of the news for you, we can’t be the first ones to “report.”  While we strived to remain competitive, the bottom line that we could not overcome was the sentiment from many businesses that “we don’t believe in print.”  Advertising dollars were what financed the paper and kept us viable.  Unfortunately, more and more often we heard from banks to car dealers and real estate companies to retail stores and even big box outlets that they didn’t need to advertise with us.

It has been great working with everyone in both towns, but, as we all know, if you cannot pay the bills, you are forced to make tough decisions.

In saying farewell, I want to thank everyone who has worked for us and with us along the way.  Overlooking anyone is a final error I don’t want to commit, thus, just goodbye.


Best Regards,


Len Lathrop

Editor and Publisher