SL Chasse Steel and Fabrication to Donate New Staircase for Alvirne’s Stadium

July 29, 2016


by Len Lathrop

The Hudson School Board accepted with gratitude and thanks a donation of a new galvanized steel staircase and landing from the bleachers to the track.

Principal Steve Beals had approached Steve Chasse, company president of SL Chasse Steel and Fabrication, to purchase some steel for a new staircase as part of the track renovation project. Chase requested that he be allowed to make a community donation of the staircase and landing area to show his appreciation to the town of Hudson and to benefit the students in the school system. Beals mentioned that as Chase’s business has grown, he has each year offered tours of his business operations to the Alvirne welding classes.

With new distance requirement from the outside lane of the track to the bleachers, the stairs and some of the bleachers’ supports were too close to the running area and had to be changed. This new stairway will get people from the bleaches to the ground level, and a new walkway will allow spectators to get to the concession stands without having to walk on the track.

Beals reported in his memo that the value of the staircase which would be fully designed, fabricated and installed by Chasse Steel is $10,000. Beals could not express his appreciation to SL Chasse Steel.