Site Work at Palmer CTE Center Mooves Forward

August 30, 2019


by Len Lathrop

By the time you read this, the cement trucks will have come and gone at the Palmer CTE Center.

Site work started as soon as school was over and as the doors to the center and Alvirne open for 2019-2020 school year, some students will find themselves in new areas until hopefully the Christmas holiday break when the new classrooms and laboratories will be ready for them.  Wednesday the health occupations and forestry students will be reporting to different spaces, and shortly the walls of their former classroom will become home for others.

By the way, the dairy cattle have been keeping an eye on the outside construction.  Most seemed to not care, but Principal Steve Beals mentioned that several had been taking a real interest every time a big yellow piece of equipment was working near them; they went right over to see what was up.

Tuesday morning the trenches were ready, the stone was in place.  Sounds simple but understand that meant different types of drainage had to be installed to go under the new building.  Then packable filler (fancy dirt) had to be brought in and at every foot it had to rolled with a five-ton roller to compress it and provide a stable base for the new building.  And did you know that a brook comes down from the hill across from Route 102, under the street, and now will be in pipes under the new driveway behind the new staff parking lot into a retention pond.

Inside the building all access to the construction site inside and outside has been sheet-rocked off to ensure safety of any curious students or other onlookers.