Sirens Blasting, Kids Playing Dress up & Cars Getting Cut up

October 23, 2015


by Doug Robinson

The scene was directly from those children’s books we have all read.

Imagine, you get to ride in a huge fire truck.  You get to experience the blasting of the sirens while you travel down the roads of Litchfield.  You even get to watch a car being cut up while those dressed in fancy fire gear save two people.

And, you get to use the firefighters’ tools to cut up a car yourself, try out a fire extinguisher, or escape through a window to the safety of a real firefighter.

Such were the activities at the Litchfield Fire Department’s open house, held on Oct. 17.

The parking lot was so full of people that people were bused in from the remote parking facility set up at the Griffin School.

The fire chief cooked more hot dogs and hamburgers than he could count.  Eleven chili crock pots were being individually tested in an effort to award “this year’s winner” to earning the Best Chili bragging rights in Litchfield.

The Litchfield Police were present with a cruiser offering all the opportunity to sit in the back, or sit behind the driver’s wheel.  Kids were playing cops, and the real cops were kidding around with the children, offering words of kindness and compassion.

Youngsters bounded in the huge bounce house, and parents participated in a walk down memory lane as the Litchfield Historical Society opened their doors for the public.

The open house took months of planning and required an all-hands-on-deck participation from the Litchfield firefighters.

“This is a great event,” commented Litchfield Fire Chief Frank Fraitzl.  “This event gives us the opportunity to share with this great community.  It is a fun event for everyone.”