Selectmen’s Contingency Budget Used for New Roof on A-Frame

December 2, 2016


The famous A-frame.

The famous A-frame.

by Len Lathrop

Another project at Benson Park was before the Hudson Board of Selectmen during their Tuesday meeting.  The roof on the A-frame is losing shingles.  The shingles that are now falling off have a story of their own.  Let’s start there.

In August 2009, the last time there was roof work done; the then contractor was fired from the work on four buildings in the park.  The Town of Hudson purchased the Benson property from the State of NH for $188,000.  After obtaining the land and buildings, bids were solicited from various contractors to not only clean up the property, but to also repair the A-frame House, Gorilla House, Elephant Barn, office building, as well as the Hazelton Barn.  KSL Construction was awarded the bid to make the necessary repairs to the A Frame, Gorilla House, office and Hazelton Barn for approximately $97,000.

But that is the old story.  On Tuesday, Town Administrator Steve Malizia presented to selectmen that it has been brought to his attention that the roof of the A-frame structure has been losing asphalt shingles that needed to be repaired or replaced.  Malizia contacted Ripaldi Construction Services, which has done similar work for the town in the past, and Malizia asked them to examine the roof.  Their report outlined four options:

The current roof could be stripped and replaced with properly installed asphalt shingles at a cost of around $8,000.  This is the most expensive choice.

The current roof shingles could be face nailed (nail heads would be visible) and a layer of corrugated metal roof could be installed over the existing shingles for around $6,800.

The missing shingles could be replaced, and all of the shingles on the roof could be face nailed for around $1,500.  This choice is the least expensive, but all of the nails heads would be visible and may not look good.

Do not repair but replace shingles as they break.  This is a cheap solution, but shingles would need to be replaced on a frequent basis.  One other thing to note is that there aren’t any spare shingles, so color matching may be an issue.

After some discussion the selectmen voted for option number 2 and to fund the project from the Selectmen’s Contingency account.