Scout Troops Competing in Patrol Cup Championship Series

January 31, 2014

submitted by Ben Dibble

Patrols of boy scouts from Hudson and Litchfield scout troops are embarking on a first in the world event.  The troops are starting a home and away skill game series of competitions.  Each month a pair of troops will meet and the boys will test their skills against each other. One troop will be the ‘home’ troop, the other will visit their site.

In 1907 Baden-Powell started boy scouts.  At that time there was really no organized youth activities.  The farms were just becoming mechanized enough so there was actual free time for the children.  Scouting took off like wildfire.  Within 10 years there were seven million scouts and it spread across the globe.  Today, it is the number one youth organization worldwide, with 24 million members.

Time has passed. Other activities have taken up some of the young people’s time.  Today, scouting is strong, but keeping boys involved when there are so many other events is challenging.  What do the sports have that scouting doesn’t?  We have fun.  We have practice – for events like the Klondike and campouts.  What don’t we have?  We don’t have the weekly home-away games.

This new program, the Patrol Cup Championship Series, is our plan to bring the home and away game excitement to our scout program.  Periodically, the troops will either have a “home game” or an “away game” to attend.  At these events, your son’s patrol will compete with the other patrols there.  He will be up against his own troop buddies and against boys from Hudson or Litchfield.

On Monday the 20th, Troop 20 traveled to Litchfield to meet with Troop 11.  That night the skill was backpack cooking.  Each patrol created a meal from ingredients that could be carried for multiple days on the trail.  The food was great, with plenty of cheese and other high-protein ingredients that gave energy for hiking.  There were four patrols competing from the two troops.  The Duck Tape Patrol from troop 20 took first place with nine points.  The Vikings from Troop 11 and the Shiny Bubbles from Troop 20 tied for second with eight points.  And the Scout Patrol did their best and got six points.

If you would like to get your son into a program with real adventure, outside of his comfort zone, where he will learn leadership in a safe fun environment, contact us.  Ben Dibble –; 880-2077.