School Year Ends and Renovations Begin – Alvirne Gets Brighter

July 13, 2018


by Len Lathrop

It was the Tuesday before the 4th of July, and a lot was going on at Alvirne High School even though school had been out since June 20.

As has been the practice for the past six years, classroom and science laboratories were being modernized and renovated. These are improvements to the “academic wing” of the complex and are funded in several different ways but should not be confused with the additions and renovations of the Career and Technical Education Center that were approved by the taxpayers in the March elections.

Every year various classrooms are rehabilitated as many have not had any renovations except for paint since the school was rebuilt after the 1974 fire. This year six classrooms in the math wing are getting attention. Each room receives new flooring, the walls are painted, the ceiling grid is also painted, and the ceiling titles replaced. New LED lighting replaces the old florescent system and smart boards are relocated for a more ergonomic classroom design; each classroom also will have new teacher furniture. These room renovations are funded through the operating budget.

In the science wing, the biology lab that consisted of block walls, soon will be a classroom for 24 students complete with laboratory tables with sinks and stools; these renovations are part of a $75,000 grant from the Alvirne trustees. Across the hallway the health science lab is also being rebuilt. The unique part of this rooms rehabilitation is that Connor Uriback, as his Eagle Scout project for Troop 252, is doing all the painting of both the walls and ceiling grid. The room will be outfitted with storage cabinets, tables and stools. Old electrical wiring coming up through the floor had to be removed, and all the outlet holes will have to be filled before a new floor can be installed.

The nurse’s office has been redesigned as interior block walls are being removed to allow the area to have a triage work flow. Every student can be seen by the nurse in the main area, plus there will be a separate area with its own bathroom for private consultation and treatment needs. This area will be completely air conditioned with new treatment chairs and a special emergency room-type treatment chair donated by Southern New Hampshire Hospital.

While this work is going on, the academic building will have a complete sprinkler system installed on all four floors. While the cost is roughly $1.2 million, the State of New Hampshire granted the school district $300,000 for the project.