School Population Fluctuations

August 16, 2013

Alvirne High School

by Lynne Ober

Although summer vacation is not yet over, Hudson school district staff is already preparing for the start of the next school year.  Once again student enrollment is on the decline.  According to school records 49 fewer kindergarten students enrolled for the fall, but that could change.  However in some of the other grades, the loss of pupils is probably not going to fluctuate much.

Fifth grade pupil enrollment is down 33 pupils over last year’s enrollment and second grade enrollments are down 17 students.

Fewer students will be attending Hudson Memorial School, with the eighth grade showing the largest decline of pupil enrollments with an anticipated 29 fewer pupils than last year.

The high school is predicting to have 20 fewer students than a year ago.

Coupled with the high school enrollment was a report from Superintendent Bryan Lane on withdrawals from Alvirne through the end of the last school year.  Overall 19 students withdrew due to “lack of interest” with an overall standing of W27, which Lane said was the code for lack of interest.

“All students were 18 years of age,” stated Lane.  According to Lane the distribution was as follows:

  • o Grade 9 – 1 student
  • o Grade 10 – 2 students
  • o Grade 11 – 5 students
  • o Grade 12 – 11 students

“Two of the twelfth grade students had been counted as W27 in the past.  As a school-wide dropout rate for one calendar year, this would calculate to a 2 percent.  Of the students who were 18 and eligible to choose to leave, this is 5 percent of that population,” Lane said.  “Ten students were classified as W20, indicating that they left school with the intention of earning their GED.  Three of the ten were 18 years of age and have not completed their GED according to the database.  Only one student is noted in the data base as completing the GED exam.  Unless there are documented plans in place for the six students who will not be 18 by September 1, these students should be put back onto the school’s roster.”

Lane said that while summer school grades have not yet been entered and might have an impact of the following students, the high school is also looking to reclassify a number of students.  “In order to matriculate to the next grade or to graduate, students need to meet a certain credit status in accordance with district policy.  Summer school grades have not been entered as of today.  If there is no change, the following number of students will be reclassified in the fall:

  • o Grade 9 – 37 students
  • o Grade 10 – 24 students
  • o Grade 11 – 15 students.”

Alvirne also has 17 students who should have graduated but have not.  According to Lane, “Of these 17, one has completed through VLACS, four have schedules in the database to complete in the 2013-2014 school year and there are no plans at this time that I am aware of for 12 of these students.  If there is no plan in place or credits earned in some way this summer, these 12 students would be counted as dropouts in the fall.”