School District Given ‘Clean Bill of Health’ in Audit

by Barbara O’Brien

The Windham School District has been given “a clean bill of health” following the audit of its 2011-2012 school year.  “It’s a clean audit,” SAU Business Administrator Adam Steel announced during a school board meeting, earlier this month.  Steel explained that the required annual financial audit had not resulted in any negative findings.

According to Steel, the Windham School District should be very proud of last year’s auditing results.  “We’ve come a long way,” in recent years, Steel said.

At the request of former school board member and chairman Barbara Coish, the auditing firm of Plodzik and Sanderson presented a synopsis of the recently concluded audit, during the recent public meeting.  Coish’s request came last year.  The Windham Board of Selectmen has presented the results of the town’s annual audit in a public forum for many years.  The school district did not follow suit until this year.

Cheryl Pratt, a representative of Plodzik and Sanderson said that the Windham School District was a relatively easy entity to audit.  “School district audits can be quite tedious,” she said.  “Windham makes it seamless,” she said.  “The staff is just wonderful.”

“We do a lot of random samplings,” Pratt commented.  “We test everything.”  There were no signs of any deficiencies in either the operating budget for last year or in the handling of federal funds, she explained.

The Windham School District also provided a management analysis of how the 2011-2012 school year went, something that not all school districts provide, Pratt noted.  “The analysis was very helpful,” she commented.

As for the fund balance at the end of the 2011-2012 school year, which ended this past June 30, the amount of money remaining totaled $562,587.  Those funds will be used to offset the Windham Tax Rate that was set by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) last October.