School Board OKs $20K for Construction Manager

October 11, 2013
by S. Aaron Shamshoyan

Renovating Salem High School is no small task so to help with the project school board members agreed to enter into a $20,000 contract with a construction manager.

Six proposals were submitted by companies competing for the contract but renovation committee members recommended Harvey Construction of Bedford, New Hampshire to lead the renovation charge.

Out of the six proposals received, three were invited to give presentations to committee members.  Harvey was thought to be the most comprehensive.

Our belief is that Harvey did the best job, Superintendent of Schools Michael Delahanty said.  “A construction manager oversees all the contract work.”

But a construction manager has traditionally been chosen after voters approve the bond.  Delahanty said because of the complexity of the project, it was recommended one be selected prior to the vote.  “The high school project is an incredibly complex project,” he said.

Working with Harvey, the committee hopes to bring firm costs for the project to voters in March.  The current proposal of $75 million for the renovation project will be refined and a maximum cost will be established.

Delahanty said Harvey will seek sub contractors before the bond proposal and be able to provide the district with a final maximum price.

Harvey will review the project and provide the district with an estimated cost.  Next, they will solicit bids from contractors and review final quoted.  Once complete, Harvey will guarantee the district a final maximum cost and if exceeded, the district will not be accountable for the over expenditure.  Construction costs are estimated at $57.9 million, which does not include soft costs such as furniture and some engineering.

If a bond is passed, Harvey will stay on as the project manager at a cost of $847,000 Delahanty said, but if the bond fails, they will be compensated $20,000 for their work.  “They’ll get paid for their work leading up to the bond.”

Harvey has a track record of high school construction and renovation.  Delahanty said they recently built Windham High School, Exeter High School, Sanborn Regional School, and the Laconia CTE Center.  “They are well known for school construction and doing very well with school construction,” he said.  “They do quality work.”

Board member Michael Carney motioned to enter a contract with Harvey Construction for the renovation process.  The board unanimously approved the motion.

Delahanty said a representative from Harvey will attend committee meetings and partner with the group to best plan the renovation.