SAT to Replace Former State Testing for all NH Juniors

August 14, 2015

The SAT will be administered to all New Hampshire juniors each spring beginning in 2016, according to a new state Department of Education requirement.  Hudson Superintendent Bryan Hudson, along with most school superintendents, supports this change.  He believes this replacement of the state-required Smarter Balanced Assessment with the SAT will give students more motivation to perform better.

“A consistent concern on the part of all school administrators has been that the state-wide assessment had no meaning for high school juniors,” explained Lane.  “Results from the exam were not put on transcripts, and there weren’t a lot of incentives for students to put forth a maximum effort.  (In contrast) the SAT has meaning for many of our students who are considering post-secondary education.”

Being able to take the SAT in one day will alleviate stress among students, according to Lane, because the Smarter Balanced Assessment required multiple testing days during the same time period when Advanced Placement and the science NECAP (New England Common Assessment Program) exams were being given.  Additionally, Lane feels Hudson students are well equipped to take the SAT as the test now falls in line with the Common Core approach being used in the Hudson School District.

According to the state, the SAT has been redesigned to measure “the few things research shows matter most for readiness, and reflects what students are learning in classes across the Granite State.”  Changes to the exam include the following:

A focus on the areas of math that matter most for college and career readiness;

A move away from obscure vocabulary words to use of relevant words in context; and

Elimination of the guessing penalty.

Beginning this spring, the state will cover the cost of the SAT for 11th grade students, which will save parents approximately $50.