SARL Trivia Night Answers Animals’ Needs

May 16, 2014

by AJ DickinsonOn Saturday, May 3, the Salem Animal Rescue League invited the entertainment organization, Stump Trivia, to provide a “Trivia Night” at the Windham Country Club.  This was the first time that SARL hosted trivia night … but, it’s not the first time that the supporters of the Salem Animal Rescue League have come together to raise money for the forsaken animals without homes.

SARL has raised thousands of dollars to ensure the protection, shelter, and well being of the animals at the Salem shelter.  The money is used to buy the animals food and other necessities.  DJ Bettencourt of the Salem Animal Rescue League stated that the trivia was a tremendous success, and expressed his desire to continue this fundraising event at the beginning of May every year.

Furthermore, Joanne Flynn, owner of the Windham Country Club and a member of the board of directors for SARL, donated the food for this fun-filled trivia night.  She also donated the country clubhouse for this fundraising event.

All in all, Stump Trivia Night was a success with more than individuals attending.  It was a great pleasure to witness so many people willing to offer their support for such a wonderful cause.