Salem Witch Trials Presentation at Kelley Library

January 24, 2014

by AJ Dickinson

Local historian Margo Burns, tenth generation descendant of Rebecca Nurse who was hanged in Salem, Massachusetts under the charge of witchcraft, presented a program about the capital crime of witchcraft at the Kelley Library Thursday, January 16.  The University of New Hampshire graduate who appears in two history documentaries about the Salem Witchcraft Trials, Salem Witch Hunt:  Examine the Evidence and Salem:  Unmasking the Devil, confidently showed how well-versed she is on the history of the famous incident as she dissected actual documents from the 1692 trials.  Many Salem residents sat back and relaxed as Burns took them back to a time of fear and chaos.  Margo’s interest derived from her role as the Associate Editor and Project Manager of the new book of scholarly transcriptions containing all the primary sources of legal records of the witchcraft prosecutions of 1692 and 1693, Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt.  The gripping program left residents both intrigued and informed of the tragic American event.  For more information on Margo Burns and the Salem Witch Trials visit her website at