Salem P.D. Honors their own with Memorial

May 29, 2015

by Jay Hobson

On a clear Thursday morning, May 16, the Salem Police Department held its annual memorial to officers who have left the bonds of this life.  The ceremony was held at the Police Memorial at Pine Grove Cemetery and was a way to remember those who gave Salem service and protection with dedication, pride and courage.

Deputy Chief Shawn Patten noted the recent passing of Sheriff Mike Downing and, with heads bowed in a moment of silence, birds chirped in the quiet of the cemetery; those who served Salem behind the small shield and who wore the blue of Salem’s finest were remembered with the reading of their names.

Chief Paul Donovan spoke of how in the past, police were referred to as ‘pigs,’ but, for the most part, officers were respected as being there to help.

“It’s a tough time now where police are judged guilty by people who haven’t seen all the evidence,” Chief Donovan said.

Town Manager Keith Hickey read a proclamation from the board of selectmen which read in part, “Whereas the men and women of the law enforcement agency of Salem, New Hampshire, unceasingly provide a vital service, now therefore the board of Selectmen call upon all citizens … to observe the week of May 10 to May 16, 2015, as Police Week.”

2015 Roll of Honor as read:

Joseph H. Grant, Robert Stickney, John Hyatt, Basil S. Munson, Gerald Cooper, Andrew Murray, Roger Thompson, James W. Taylor, Nelson Murray, Paul Ring, William Breen, James Keith, John Carrol, Wayne Gartside, Edgar Valley, Bernard Spinney, Theodore Anagnos, Syren “Chuck” Hovanian, Ned Lagana Charles W. Keen, Dominic S. Jacobellis, Joseph W. Millington, Raymond M. Taylor, Edward “Ed” Costello, Harvey Durgin, Gordon Barton, Paul J. Cody, Leon A. Dobson, Wilfred Colle, Donald Boland, Daniel L. Bodwell, Jim Mahoney, Sr., Edward Seubert, Wilfred Taylor, Oscar Barton, Mark Sambataro, Frederick L. Chrysler, Jerry Davies, Michael Morse, Leo Tatoyian, George L. Dickey ,John Canty, William Barron ,Joseph P. Oakes, Philip D. Hajjar, Everett Dowe, Richard McDonald, Donald LeBlanc, John P. Ganley, William F. Campbell, John Frank Callahan, Albin A. Dietrich, Robert Eyssi, Edward Dube, Ernest J. Paul, Lee Richardson, James J. Fox III, George A. Gartside, John Packard, Alfred K. Sullivan, William J. Sullivan, Evelyn Ebert, James Ross, Kenneth Conlon, Joseph L. Dunlap, Craig Waldron, Edwin A. Foss, John P. Dutch Holland, Thomas Sharpe III, Shirley Begg, Warren Ebert, Normand E. Beland, Forrest C. Stickney, Sr., Robert Pearson, Michael W. Downing, Sr., Richard Southwick, Melvin Marsh, Warren George,  and William Cornwell.

It is sad that with the passage of time more of the names are recognizable.

It should well be remembered that the men and women of the Salem Police, though not military, fight a war.  Every day, that war is evident with the recent slayings of police in the line of duty around the nation.

Daily, officers get a call on a radio and rush to the scene, whether traffic accident, domestic disturbance or a crime in progress, and they often don’t know what awaits them when they arrive.

But they go.  They respond with no questions asked and rely on their training to protect and to serve the citizens who depend on them to do just that: protect and serve.

Thank you, officers, for your service.