Salem High Shows School Pride

September 25, 2015


by Shaina Gilks, Salem High School Intern

This past week, Spirit Week, Salem High School students participated in two of the school’s time-honored traditions: the seventh annual class wars and the homecoming football game.

Salem’s class wars are a competition that pits each grade against each other in friendly competitive games like dodge ball, tug of war, and Simon says.

This year, the school’s clubs and sports teams kicked off the event by leading a short parade around the track wearing spirited costumes that reflected the nature of the activity.  Senior Isaiah Laurencelle commented on his participation in Health Occupations Students of America, a club that focuses on future careers in the health science field, “Being recognized as a part of the club in class wars is really special.  You get the acknowledgment and respect of the rest of the students, and that feels pretty good.”

The senior class of 2016 set a new record this year, with 91 percent student participation on the day of class wars.  There was an overwhelming feeling of spirit and pride throughout the entire student body, especially the seniors.

“I feel more connected to the school this year.  I think it’s because we haven’t really been able to be a part of the hype as underclassmen.  Now we can be comfortable getting involved,” senior Ashley Bergeron said.

The senior involvement paid off, as they were crowned the victors of class wars.

The school spirit continued throughout the weekend as the Salem Blue Devils faced the Pinkerton Academy Astros in the homecoming game.  Although the heat was intense Saturday afternoon, the Blue Devils performed with vigor and skill.

The event boasted a remarkable turnout; the bleachers were lined with hundreds of students and family members who came out to support the team.

Pinkerton and Salem marching bands performed at halftime, playing familiar tunes from the Broadway musical Wicked, and Disney’s The Lion King.

The final score was very close, but the game ended with Pinkerton winning 28 to 20.  Despite the loss, the Salem High School Blue Devils played admirably and made the community proud.



Introducing Patriot Intern Shaina Gilks


by Jay Hobson

Senior Shaina Gilks, 17, is the newest journalism intern here at the Patriot and will be covering Salem High School from a student’s perspective.

Shaina is highly motivated and excited to be in the program and has the skill with words to share with Patriot readers.

Gilks has lived in Salem most of her life.  She serves as president of the actors’ guild at the high school and is in the marching band and acts as its historian.  She loves and teaches music, plays the piano and trombone, and enjoys working with words.

“I love writing,” Gilks said.  “I love taking a look at what people have in terms of perspective and making it into something that everyone can understand.  Taking the words that people use and sharing them with others to help with mutual understanding.  Using words helps find the common ground where there may not have been one.”

Gilks said that words are what express ideas and that it’s important to use them in helping people understand thoughts and issues and the multitude of opinions.

“Words have power, an unbelievable power and that power is the power of communication and thought,” Gilks said.