Salem High School’s Grand March a Grand Success

May 31, 2013

by Doug Robinson

It was their night.  This night had been on every Salem High School student’s radar from the very first day of their freshman year.  Tonight, men wore tuxedos, and the ladies wore long evening gowns.  As the dresses drifted with the calm breeze, ladies walked arm and arm with their date.  Tonight was their Senior Prom.

Salem High School begins the celebration of the Senior Prom with their Grand March at Salem High School.  Beaus and beauties walk the runway, in front of their school, so that their parents, families, and friends are offered that opportunity to capture that picture of perfection.  Salem’s local television cable network was also present, recording the event for a future showing.

Salem High School Senior Class President, David Rodriquez and his date, Hannah Fallisi, acted as the Grand Marshalls of the 2013 Grand March.  Together, they led their classmates, approximately 350, to their waiting vehicles which would take them to their function at the Andover Country Club.

Beautifully dressed in a full length red gown, Hannah held to bottom corner of  her dress so that it would not drag upon the ground.  Her left hand was draped upon her date’s outstretched and bent arm.  David, wearing a matching vest and bow tie, smiled broadly and proudly, leading his class to their appointment for dinner and dance, at the Andover Country Club.  Both wore matching flowers, he with his white boutonniere and she with her white floral wrist corsage.

“This is a very tight knit group of kids” said Salem High Principal Tracy Collyer.  “I began my administrative career with these kids four years ago, and this night is bitter sweet for me.  This group has crossed all social barriers as athletes participate in the arts and those who are in the arts, also participate in sports.  They support one another and they care for each other.  I will miss them.”

Once arriving at the Andover Club, the students were entertained with a Trivia contest, challenging their memories of their past four years at Salem High School.  After appetizers, dinner, and desert, the girls kicked off their shoes, and with their dates, took to the dance floor for an evening full of fun, and most of all, memories for life.