Salem High School and CTE Renovations Have Begun

April 17, 2015 


by Bob Gibbs

Renovations for the reconstruction of the Salem High School and the Career and Technical Education center have begun.  The start of the construction has involved creating a fenced area along the back parking area of the school.  This is to secure the area behind the CTE during construction. Watershed protection has also been placed between the construction areas and adjoining wetlands.  Another part of this phase of the work is to enlarge the back parking lot area.

In March of 2014, voters approved a $75 million high school renovation project.  The project passed by a vote of 4,109 to 1,557.  Close to $11 million for the renovation of the high school’s (CTE) career and technical education center will be paid for with state funds.  The remainder of the project will be funded through a series of bonds.  These bonds will be paid by the taxpayers of Salem at an estimated tax rate of $300 dollars a year.

During April vacation, contractors will demolish a section of the Building Trades program area and rebuild a temporary exterior wall.  The space created by the demolition will provide an access road for construction vehicles throughout the project.  It will also serve as an egress road when the project is completed.  This access road will enter onto Geremonty Drive at the edges of the school and the Fields of Dreams properties.

The next phase of the construction will be to demolish the Davis Gym, Seifert auditorium and the music room.  These sections will then be the first areas to be reconstructed.  According to the school’s website, ‘We continue to work diligently to ensure that our project gets underway as soon as practical.  We still anticipate that the Davis Gym and our cafeteria will be completely refurbished and ready for use by September, 2015.”

With graduation ceremonies now scheduled to take place on June 12 and the last student day scheduled for June 17, all work inside the school will begin no later than mid-June.